Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Unnecessary Adoption Thwarted

I am proud of my daughter.  She gave her love and support to help stop another unnecessary adoption. Even at the baby shower the grandma to be was still lamenting "I just wish she would give the baby up!".  DD had  a heart to heart talk with her and grandma cried. She agreed that when the baby comes she will "love it".  I know she will.

Momma to be is young and selfish. Yep, she is selfish. She does not want to hear how she doesn't have enough to raise this baby. No daddy in the picture, no house, no money. But she doesn't care. She believes she will make it just fine. And I think with the love and support of her family and friends she will.  Even if grandma's support is a little late in the game. Young mommies need to be selfish when it comes to keeping their babies. Your child is counting on that selfishness to keep her at your bosom.

Of course DD and I are on call 24/7. If things get rough or too much just call and we will watch baby for hours, days, weeks or months if necessary. Most people wouldn't believe this. But we have done it before and we will do it again. Because we live the aftermath of unnecessary adoption and we will do whatever we can to help someone we know keep their baby.

DD and I are not the type of people to wear signs and attend protests. We are activists though. In our own limited way we will do what we can to promote change and try to stop unnecessary adoption. Even if it is just one expectant mom at a time. Perhaps it is not enough. I admire people like Claude and Lorraine who put themselves out there in the public realm to make a difference. For bad or for good I am trying to put adoption and it's pain out of my mind, and out of my everyday life. I am only allowing myself to resurrect that pain when it is necessary.

A little baby girl is going to be born in a few weeks. And she will go home with her mommy. She won't care that mommy doesn't own a house or that mommy made a bad choice for her father. One day she will care but one day things might be better.  Even if she does care I don't believe for a minute she will have wished herself to be raised by strangers because of what mommy lacked. She will love her mommy.

I just have to say it again- I am so proud of my daughter!

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