Monday, December 17, 2012

The Alpha Female After Me

I won't bore you with the drama, but my relinquished daugher has tried to contact and divide the family once again. It is sad, and I think she is confused. But my daugher has chosen to be the gate keeper after I am gone. She truly feels her biological sister is a threat to the family and will follow my lead in keeping adoptive and biological families seperate. It is not what I wanted in the beginning, but I truly feel it is best.  With that said I want to share an email she wrote me today.

Today as I sit here I consider my life and the things I am grateful for. Instead of thinking about everything I am grateful for in my entire life...I thought I would start with just today.

Today I am grateful for:

Having clean clothes that are hung up
Having pups that have been walked and fed
Having food in the refrigerator
Cable to watch Dexter on
Wine to curb my sweet cravings
A computer to write you on
A new pillow to lay my head on
A mother's love that is unconditional
A father's love that is nonjudgmental
Puppy's love that is innocent
An education that you provided
A mindset that allows me to make decisions
A phone that allows me to take pictures of our family
Nail polish that will last for weeks
An e-cigg to keep me alive longer
A brother who has taught me how to be better
An uncle I can't wait to come visit
A family that I could not have imagined ever be this perfect

You see...this is just today (tonight actually). You mother, are responsible for all of this, and none of this would be possible without you. You do not realize how much you do and provide to our family on a daily basis. I am most grateful for you. You see, without you, I would not have all of this.

There is a life after adoption. This email from my daughter is living proof. I may be the piece of shit birthmother that AP's are afraid of, and one of "those mothers" who do not leave the door open for an enternity of hurt. But I am a good person and a great mother. If you don't believe it just ask my family.

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