Thursday, December 27, 2012

Without Russian Children to Adopt....Let the Recruitment Begin

Russia has banned exporting their children to the US for adoption. Russia remained the third-largest source of foreign adoptions by U.S. citizens last year. The US birthrate is at it's all time low. There is now a void to fill for American adoptors who want no birthparents attached strings attached adoptions. This is perhaps the greatest reason many adoptors seek to adopt abroad. They do not want any true reminder of a birth family or the possibility of reunification.

Unless Americans find another source for foreign adoptions, or harvest more children from other countries I see possible changes here in the US. I see more service projects in American schools that will brainwash encourage young children to view adoption as a wonderful option for an unwed pregnant girl. There will be tons of money spent here and abroad, looking for new babies to separate from their families. Already I have read comments that more adoptors would adopt US babies if laws were stricter to prevent birthmother's from changing her mind. Since there are already many adoption plans that inundate PAP's in a pregnant woman's life, I can see measures to create legal contracts before childbirth. I also see a stronger push to ban abortion, to provide more children to adopt. Russia's ban will have an effect here in the US. Our young woman are now at greater risk for reproductive exploitation.

I also wonder how this ban will effect US adoptee rights if that void is not filled. If there is a push to harvest more infants from US mothers, there will be a push to keep the secrecty intact. Most adopted parents do not want their adopted children to claim a biological heritage. Will there be a push to keep OBC's sealed to keep the US adoption climate more palatable for potential adoptors? I have read numerous times that US couples seeking to adopt are very worried that the birthparent will come back in to their child's life. Will the adoption industry work harder now, to keep these fears at bay to ensure future profit? How will social media change if more children are adopted from the US? Will there be stricter controls for all minor children lest an adoptee contact or be contacted by their dirty biologicals?

There is much moaning and gnashing of teeth that Russian children will suffer as a result of the ban. Americans just want to save these children from a life of poverty or life in an orphanage. Well it is time to put your time and money where your mouth is if you truly care about the plight of these children. Advocate for these children both politically and socially. It will not give you a new baby or child to rock to sleep (or in some cases beat to death) but it will ease your concerns knowing that you are doing your part in helping them. And why you are at it, keep up the good work that you do for the children that languish in foster homes here in the US.

After all, it is all about the children..........isn't it?

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